Episode 36 — Reindeer Run 5K (and goal crushing)

The 5K. 5 kilometers. 3.1 miles. It is the most popular distance for recreational runners. If you listened to Episode 34 with Ken Johnson, he explains that decades ago, the 10K used to be popular, but it has since been replaced by the 5K. Why? Because more people are getting outside and running. We are slowly learning that running isn’t just for elites. It’s for people like you and me. And the 5K is the perfect distance to show people that. 

The 5K can be life-changing. I’ve learned, and so many others have as well, that the hardest part is training your mind and body for that 3.1-mile endeavor. Once you’ve done that, you realize you can train yourself to do just about anything.

A few months ago, a few of us runners in the Lufkin area started messaging each other. It was Kody Smith, Laura Jones, Matty Dupree, Mike Burton, Cindy Springs, and myself. What if we put together a couch to 5K program for people in this area? This episode is about why we started that program and how it went. It ends with conversations with a few of the participants immediately after they crushed their 5K goals!

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