Episode 28 – Kristen Doornbos

Kristen is a woman of many hats and many talents. Runner, triathlete, musician. She even quilts! When I spoke to her, I couldn’t help but think, “This woman is a creator.” She creates beautiful words and beautiful things. 

Kristen is also an unconventional runner. She made the choice last year to take a pretty bold move to better her health. This move was a permanent feeding tube. 

Sometimes there are odd looks when she’s out and about running and this visible tube is…well, visible. But like Kristen said, “hiding is exhausting…live your life.” 

I love those words. I love that idea. You can take what makes you different and bury it and hide in your home. But what kind of life is that? Or you can walk outside, chin up, and live your life. 


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