About the Host

Krystal Riley – Host

Krystal Garcia Riley is a lover of all things related to running.  Occasionally she also pretends to be a cyclist.  She is mediocre at both sports, but slightly less mediocre at running.  She is Pentecostal and sometimes dresses in a way that makes her stick out in a crowd…especially in a crowd of runners. For years, she refused to sign up for races because, in her longish skirt, she didn’t look like the conventional runner.  When she finally faced her fears and showed up to a race, she quickly learned that runners do not care what you look like or what you’re wearing…they simply love other runners.  From then on, she’s made it her mission to find others who love sports and do not care if they do them a bit diffrently than everyone else.  She now wants to introduce those people to you.  Krystal is also a wife, a mother to three wild children and one badly behaved dog, a foodie, a bookworm, a BBQ aficionado, and a lawyer.