Episode 100 – Kristen Doornbos (Equal Money for Equal Miles)

This is my 100th episode!

I’m so happy I could get Kristen Doornbos back on my podcast for another interview. 

Kristen is a runner and also the really cool human behind Paper Trails Greeting Company.

This time around, Kristen and I talk about her new endeavor—Equal Money for Equal Miles. Kristen is on a mission to get the major U.S. marathons to offer equal prize money to top finishing athletes in the wheelchair and para divisions. It’s astonishing how little these athletes are paid for equal distances and equal efforts. Kristen does a great job of explaining why these athletes deserve parity and what we can all do to help. I have a link to her petition in my show notes.

Show Notes:

Equal Money for Equal Miles – sign the petition!

Paper Trails Greeting Co.

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Paper Trails Greeting Co. on Instagram

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