Episode 97 – A Few of My Favorite Things

Sometimes I get off track and it’s really hard for me to get back on track. If this never happens to you, please tell me how you always stay on track! If this DOES happen to you, let’s be friends.

This is a simple episode to get back on track with my podcast! I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things. If you’re looking for some last-minute gifts for someone in your life who may like to run, here are some things that have made my life so much better. This episode is just my telling you what I like…no one has paid me for this episode or asked me to sell their products. I will include links in my show notes so you can find more info on my favorite things or purchase them.

  1. Mod Sportswear’s FlexSkirt. 
  2. Goodr Sunglasses
  3. Ucan
  4. Bib Boards
  5. Koala Clip
  6. Buddy Pouch
  7. Saucony Endorphin Pro
  8. MusicCozy Headphones
  9. Avanto Running Light
  10. Erica Sara Jewelry
  11. Paper Trails Greeting Co.
  12. No Label Knits
  13. Pilates in a Pencil Skirt 

Show Notes:

Mod Sportswear Flex Skirts

Goodr Sunglasses


Bib Boards

Koala Clip

Buddy Pouch


Avanto light

Erica Sara Jewelry

Paper Trails Greeting Co.

No Label Knits

Pilates in a Pencil Skirt

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