Episode 93 – Mike McHaney

Mike is a repeat guest. I first had him on the show close to two years ago. At that point, Mike was new to his running journey. He’s progressed rather quickly in running endurance and distance, and we talk a little about that on this episode.

If you listened to the first episode with Mike, you’ll know that he made a number of lifestyle changes in the beginning of 2019 and by November of that year, had lost a significant amount of weight. As of the day of this second interview, Mike has lost 200 pounds since January of 2019.

Mike and I talked a little bit about how weight loss is not all fun and games. I’ve congratulated people on weight loss before, but over the last few months I’ve wondered if that’s the right thing to do. I think getting healthy, changing bad habits, feeling better about yourself are all GOOD things. But I think treating a person differently because they look different is a BAD thing. Mike was open and honest in this conversation about how hurtful it can be to be treated differently after you’ve lost weight—like you were invincible or worth less before you lost the weight. I would imagine that if I changed my appearance to fit society’s view of what is desirable or attractive, and suddenly people accepted me, my feelings would be hurt. 

I’m impressed with all that Mike has done. I think he’s an amazing athlete. I’m happy he’s found a passion. And I will continue to congratulate him on all his accomplishments. And, yes, this will sound really corny, but it’s true regardless, I’m thankful Mike was honest in this interview and I hope we can value people without any regard to their physical appearance.

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