Episode 92 – Danielle Morton, Registered Dietitian

I’ve been wanting to talk to a dietitian on this podcast for about a year, so I’m glad I was finally able to get this episode together. Today’s guest is Danielle Morton. She is a registered dietitian and she works at Livewell Athletic Club in Lufkin. 

Food and nutrition are sensitive subjects for me. I think it’s common for people my age to have unhealthy relationships with food, and I’m a continuing work in progress in trying to change how I view and treat food. Danielle answers a lot of my questions on this episode and she was so gracious and easy to talk to. I now have a whole other list of questions for her, so I may have to ask her to be a recurring guest. In fact, if you have questions for her, let me know and I can do an episode where I ask her your questions. 

My favorite part of this conversation is the focus on not what you look like on the outside, but what food is doing to you on the inside. That’s probably a pretty good thing to think about in just about every area of life.

This episode with Danielle is sponsored by Ucan. 

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Livewell Athletic Club

Danielle Morton Bio at Livwell

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