Episode 89 — Street 2 Feet (Elizabeth Rosenblum)

This episode is with Elizabeth Rosenblum, the CEO and co-founder of Street 2 Feet. Street 2 Feet is a 5K walking/running training program for individuals who are experiencing homelessness in San Antonio. 

My conversation with Elizabeth has to be one of my favorites so far. It was a big eye opener for me in so many ways. When you’re a runner, you discover that you feel better when you move your body. You can tell the difference it makes in your body AND your mind and your soul. And you also learn to love the community that you can build around running. Elizabeth has a background in recreational therapy and all the things we runners discover along the way, she explains how those actually fit together to help provide a real form of therapy. 

Elizabeth is also one of those people who gently teaches the lesson that helping others does not have to be complicated. We all have something to give and giving it can actually be a lot simpler than we realize.

I have a link in the show notes to Street 2 Feet’s website and Instagram profile. In this episode, you’ll hear Elizabeth talk about how you can help support Street 2 Feet. 

Show Notes:

Street 2 Feet

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