Episode 88 – Amanda Rasmussen

If it scares you, run toward it. That’s the advice I received from today’s guest, Amanda Rasmussen. Amanda doesn’t just dish out this advice; she lives it. 

Amanda is a mom, hospice healthcare provider, runner, ultramarathoner, and an all-around inspiring individual. A few years ago, Amanda decided to make some changes in her life. She was on a mission to get healthy and in the process, she ignited a fire for running. She qualified for Boston at her first marathon, but her true love is on the trails and running ultras. Just a couple of weeks ago, she ran 151 miles on muddy and difficult terrain. I strongly recommend following Amanda on Instagram. She is @runnermomamanda and I have a link to that in my show notes. I spent quite some time looking at her posts and I found so many nuggets of wisdom. I also found a poem she wrote that I love—it’s about her feet! We may lose toenails, but as Amanda says, those feet carry us lots of miles. 

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Episode 88 – Amanda RasmussenEpisode 88 – Amanda RasmussenIn A Skirt on Twitter