Episode 87 – Addison Hebert (Student-Athlete Spotlight)

Today’s guest is Addison Hebert. She is 12-years old and in 6th grade. Last month, I noticed Addison at the first game of our 12U baseball season. I noticed her because she’s the only girl in the league! And at that first game where I saw her, she was pitching and she was striking everyone out. I talked to her coach’s wife and gave her my card and asked her to pass my info on to Addison’s parents. A few days ago, Addison and her mom sat down with me to talk about why Addison opted for baseball instead of softball this season. Addison has some wisdom that it takes other years to figure out. She goes after her dreams and makes them happen, ignoring the naysayers. I really enjoyed getting to know Addison and I think you will, too.

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Ok, here’s Addison. 

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