Episode 85 – Molly Fliearman

Today’s guest is Molly Fliearman. I’ve been following her on Instagram for some time. Molly is a runner—she’s been running for at least 38 years. (We try to do the math in this episode!) She is a mom to four boys—FOUR! They are quadruplets and are 18 years old. In 2019, Molly started knitting and selling beanies. I have two of them. One I have not worn yet. In fact, it’s still in the package. It is BEAUTIFUL. I want to give it away to someone listening, so message me or tag me on Facebook or Instagram and let me know something you liked about this episode and I’ll enter you in a drawing for the beautiful purple beanie that Molly handknitted. 

Molly tells me why she started knitting beanies and where some of the beanie proceeds go. The story has a lot to do with two of her sons who are autistic. And we talk a lot about parenting in this episode. Running, parenting, raising boys—those are all endurance sports! I have included a link to Molly’s Instagram account in the show notes so you can follow her. And I’ll have her back on the show if she agrees because there’s still a lot I want to talk to her about. I saw that one of her sons recently joined the Marines and I forgot to ask her about that on this episode and I’d like to know more about his decision and if she’s added the Marine Corps Marathon to her list of need-to-do marathons! 

This episode is sponsored by Ucan. 

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