Episode 84 – Melissa Danehey

Today’s episode is with Melissa Danehey. Melissa is a runner who lives in California. She’s run all sorts of races, but is mainly a trail and ultra runner now. If you follow her on Instragram, you’ll want to move out to California, too, and run trails. I love how Melissa talks about how she became a runner. She just went outside and started running. Over time, she got better at it. And she progressed from no running at all to an ultra runner! 

In this episode, we also talk about how Melissa went from a family of one to a family of five. I love all the different ways a family can come together. Three years ago, Melissa dove head first into fostering, and a few weeks ago, she officially adopted her foster daughter. She’s also engaged and her fiancé has two children. Melissa’s daughter is part of her school’s wrestling team, so we also talk about how sports are expanding for girls. I love that girls are wrestling these days!

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