Episode 82 – Bobbi Gibb

I feel like Bobbi doesn’t even need an introduction because she’s Bobbi Gibb—a legend. But I guess she really does need an introduction because, after spending time talking to her, I learned she is so much more than just the legendary runner. She’s a doer, a dreamer, a mom, a go-getter, a creator, a medical professional, a lawyer, a lover of life, a person who lives every day to the fullest and who sees the beauty of life. 

I felt like I had found a kindred spirit in Bobbi. She has a thirst for knowledge that I love. And I am thankful that she was a pioneer for women in so many ways. I personally have reaped the benefits of Bobbi’s courage, and the courage of other women like Bobbi, who paved the way for my generation to live the life we want to live and fulfill the goals we want to fulfill.

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