Episode 81 – Guadalupe “Lupita” Hernandez

Lupita is mom, a runner, she works with veterans through the Harris County Veterans Treatment Court, and she’s a former Marine.

I have so much respect for Lupita. She joined the Marines when she was 19, served for six years, and then, as a new mom, utilized the GI Bill to get her bachelor’s degree in just two and half years. Later she went back for her master’s degree in Criminal Justice.

She now works with veterans who are facing misdemeanor charges that may be attributed to substance abuse issues. And last year, she made a commitment to do even more to bring awareness to long-lasting PTSD issues many veterans face. She acted on that commitment by running 200 miles from San Antonio to Houston. This year, she’s upping the mileage and running 250 miles from Dallas to Houston. She’s hoping the run will bring awareness to the nation of how widespread PTSD is among our veterans. Every mile, she will plant a flag bearing the name of a veteran suffering from PTSD. If you’re traveling I-45 between Dallas and Houston over the next few days, you’ll see those flags on the side of the road. She is also using the run to raise money for the Travis Manion Foundation. The foundation helps veterans and the families of fallen heroes.

I have a link to Lupita’s Facebook page – Run for Their Lives – 200 Mile PTSD Run – in my show notes. Follow her on her journey these next few days. I also have a link to the Travis Manion Foundation in my show notes if you want more information on the organization or if you want to donate. 

This episode is sponsored by UCAN.

Show Notes:

Run for Their Lives – 200 Mile PTSD Run

Travis Manion Foundation


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