Episode 80 – Abbey Hailey

This episode is a little different than some of the other episodes I’ve done. Today’s episode is with Abbey Hailey, a skirt girl who rides horses. Abbey started riding a few years ago and I learned so much about horses, barrel racing, and rodeos talking to her. I love that Abbey decided to try something that was new to her and now she found a new passion. But what I love the most is Abbey’s attitude and approach to her new passion—she is placing no pressure on herself and instead focusing on having fun and enjoying the moments she gets to spend on her horse. Abbey also explains in this episode that she rides in a skirt and, until I talked to her, it hadn’t occurred to me that my do-it-all active skirts may not be the best fit for horse riding. So if anyone listening has any suggestions about a type of skirt that may work for her, let me know and I’ll get that info to Abbey!

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