Episode 73 – Jessica Hofheimer

Jessica Hofheimer is a mom, runner, coach, artist—so many things. You may know her on Instagram as Pace of Me. She has been running for 20 years, has three kids, and is a certified running coach through Road Runner Club of America. She is also a Pilates instructor.

In this episode, we talk about her running—the how and the why. Jessica ran her first marathon in more than 5 hours and 30 minutes. She then got it down to about 4 and a half hours and hovered there for several years. She had this big goal to run a 4-hour marathon and at the time—it may have seemed a little out of reach to some people. But once Jessica really learned about running and took the time to educate herself on speed work and recovery runs, etc., not only did she meet her 4-hour goal, she actually has a personal best of 3:11. So, yeah—5:30 marathoner to 3:11. That’s pretty amazing. 

There is a lot of beauty in Jessica’s story. She’s hit some rough patches in life, but running always brought her beauty. Beauty through achieving goals, making lasting friendships, and igniting her creative side. Jessica runs “We Run on Art”—art that she describes on her site as bringing joy and happiness to runners of all abilities and experience levels. I have some of her art framed in my office. If you ever want to commemorate a big race or happy running moment in your life, I urge you to check out Jessica’s work. 

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