Episode 72 – Lisa Silverstein (Pilates in a Pencil Skirt)

A little over a year ago, in Episode 21, I had Lisa on the podcast as a guest. At that time, Lisa was really busy with her Pilates studio in Israel, PURE Pilates. But she had this idea—she wanted to try out teaching virtual classes. Not long after that, she started offering online Pilates courses. I signed up for some of her starter courses and fell in love with Pilates. Listen, you runners with tight and sore muscles, this is for you! Actually, it’s for everyone. The breathing. The stretching. The slow but sure strengthening of the lower back. It does amazing things to a tired body.

As the months went on, Lisa’s Pilates videos grew in number. Little did she—or any of us—know what 2020 would bring. Israel went on a complete shut-down for 10 weeks in the Spring and she was unable to open her studio. But by that time, she was ready to launch—as she calls it—her Netflix of Pilates. In this episode, we talk about her online membership program at pilatesinapencilskirt.com, her international audience, and being thankful for a virtual avenue of business during this odd time. Right after we recorded this episode, her country announced a second, and immediate, shut down.

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