Episode 70 – Paper Trails Greeting Company (Kristen Doornbos)

Last year, Kristen Doornbos was my Episode 28 guest. Kristen is a runner, triathlete, massage therapist, and a woman of many gifts and talents. She is also a lover of snail mail. So all of this—her running, passion for snail mail, and creative genius—combined and a few weeks ago, Kristen launched Paper Trails Greeting Company. This is a greeting card company that specializes in cards for runners. These cards are great! Want to let someone know how proud you are of them for accomplishing a running goal? She has a card for that. Want to sympathize with someone who is injured and bummed about not being able to run? She has a card for that. Want to motivate or encourage someone, thank a coach, compliment someone’s watch tan, tell your favorite runner “happy birthday”, celebrate someone’s first half marathon, marathon, or ultra—she has cards for ALL of that!

In this episode, Kristen and I catch up and we talk about how and why she started Paper Trails Greeting Company.

Listen to this episode to find out how to win a motivation pack of greeting cards!

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