Episode 67 – Azierdi Oxendine (Lumbeefitskirtgirl)

My episode this week is a conversation with Azierdi Oxendine. I really wanted to get Azierdi on the show and talk to her for several reasons. First, I’ve been following Azierdi on Instagram and she is a creative person. I love the creative types. I’m not creative, so I admire those who are. Azierdi is really fit and she loves to strength train. But here’s the thing: she never goes to a gym. She is always on the lookout for unique places and ways to train without purchasing equipment. I think sometimes we make things more difficult than they need to be when we are on a fitness journey. We think we need to buy a bunch of equipment, or go out of our way to carve out gym time. But Azierdi shows others you don’t need all that to get the job done.

Azierdi is also a member of the Lumbee tribe, a large Native American tribe located in North Carolina. So we also spend a few minutes talking about the tribe.

Finally, this is what sealed the deal for me in getting Azierdi on the show: a few months ago, she posted a picture of herself from when she was in high school and explained that she had been on her school’s wrestling team. Her post about it said she heard someone on the school intercom announce wrestling tryouts and she stood up to go try out and her teacher said, “Where are you going?” She said she was going to try out for wrestling and her teacher said, “you can’t do that. You’re a girl.” And she made up her mind right then and there that she would wrestle. And she did. I knew I had to get her on my show to talk to me about that.

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Episode 67 – Azierdi Oxendine (Lumbeefitskirtgirl)
Episode 67 – Azierdi Oxendine (Lumbeefitskirtgirl)
Episode 67 – Azierdi Oxendine (Lumbeefitskirtgirl)
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