Episode 66 – Help a Gal Out

In the midst of everything going on, non-profits and charitable organizations are hurting right now. Large fundraising events that these organizations depend on are being canceled. I am on the board of East Texas Cancer Alliance of Hope. In this episode, the Executive Director of the organization explains the hit canceling a fundraising gala is having on the organization and how virtual races can help ease the fallout from lost fundraising opportunities. The D’Feet Breast Cancer Virtual 10K will be held in October. You can run this race any time in the month of October and any place you want to run it! Once your run is verified, you’ll have a medal mailed to you. I have the link to the registration page in my show notes. 

In this episode, Ashley also shares exciting news for East Texas cyclists. We’re bringing Purgatory back. Have a listen!

Show Notes:

Register for D’Feet Breast Cancer Virtual 10K

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