Episode 63 – Catching Up with Leah Brasher

Leah Brasher is a repeat guest. She was on my podcast last year, along with three other ultrarunners. I asked her to be back on the show because she’s been the queen of virtual races these last few months and I wanted to talk to her about that. Leah is a nurse and an avid runner. When races started getting canceled in March, Leah decided she wanted to find a way to support one of her favorite small racing companies—Trail Racing Over Texas, aka TROT. She did this by signing up for many of TROT’s virtual races. Since March 21st, Leah has completed about a dozen virtual races, including three 100Ks and four 50Ks. In this episode, we talk about her virtual racing adventures and how to support smaller racing companies. Also, Leah messaged me after the interview and asked me to share some information that she forgot to share while talking to me. TROT’s next virtual race will be the Trans-Texas Virtual Run. This is a virtual run across Texas…879 miles. You can run this distance by yourself or as part of a team. Registration is already open and the race starts July 1st

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