Episode 62 – David Chavana (All-America City 10K)

David Chavana started running in the 1970s after he watched Frank Shorter almost win the 1976 Olympic marathon. Running became a big part of his life and it was only recently, after close to 44 years of running, that he had to stop because of a knee injury. In this episode, you’ll hear how much he loves runners and the running community and how he still finds ways to be a part of that community.

In 1983, David organized a 10K in Edinburg, Texas. The 10K has been held every year since. It was first known as the All-America City 10K, but a couple of years ago the name was changed to honor David. It is now known as the David Chavana All-America City 10K. 

Over the years, David has worked hard to grow and advance the race. It started out with one distance—the 10K—and a couple of hundred participants. This past year, they had more than 3,000 participants in the 10K and 5,000 in the 2-mile. And while participants had to stop at red lights and wait for traffic the first year, the race is now a certified course with an elite field. 

But the one thing David has worked hard to keep the same is the family-friendly and “anyone-can-run” atmosphere. Although this race has all the fixings of a big-time competition, David makes sure it stays affordable so racing can be accessible to everyone. The registration fee is only $5 or $10, depending on age, or totally free, depending on need.

I could go on and on about the way this race is set up, because I think it’s fantastic and wish we could find a way to replicate its model across the country, but I’m going to let you listen to David tell you all about it and I hope—if racing is OK to do next year—I will be able to see some of you at the 2021 David Chavana All America City 10K.

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David Chavana All-America City 10K

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