Episode 61 – Shawanna White

This week’s episode is a conversation I had a few days ago with Shawanna White. Shawanna is known on Instagram as @peachrunner26.2. She’s originally from Georgia, but now lives in South Carolina.

Shawanna is a physical education teacher and an avid runner. She logs between 70 and 90 miles each week. She is also a serial racer and before all the races got canceled this year, she was racing almost every week. 

With a marathon PR of 2:45:19, Shawanna is the 5th fastest African-American born female marathoner. In this episode, Shawanna explains how she found that out and why it matters to distinguish African-American born runners. 

Shawanna is also a big proponent of slow recovery runs. Even though she’s a 2:45 marathoner, she runs several of her weekly runs at what she calls “sexy” pace—which is slower than 9:00 minutes per mile. I used her “sexy-pace” mentality when I was training for my last two marathons and really felt like it helped. 

This episode is sponsored by UCAN.

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