Episode 60 – The Image of Love

It’s been a wild and crazy year so far. I know there is so much to be done in our world. But where to start? Today, I want to start with love. I want to truly love my neighbor. Regardless of your religion, your race, your nationality, your gender, your job, your past, your present, your friends, your family, your clothes, where you live…I know who you are and I love you. You are a human, created for a purpose, and created to love and to be loved. I am a Christian, and that means I believe that every person was created in the image of God. God is a spirit, so he has no physical image. But God is love, so we were all created in the image of love.

I started this podcast a little over a year ago. The idea behind it is that I wanted to celebrate differences. To help break stereotypes. I want to continue on that mission until we can feel comfortable running with others who don’t look, act, talk, or dress like us without being fearful of them or questioning them to the point of embarrassment or staring at them and making them feel out of place…or calling the cops on them. 

We are runners or cyclists or recreational athletes. We’ve learned endurance and we’ve learned how to work hard. We have the ability to adapt to tough conditions and bear those conditions. Let’s adapt by opening our arms wide and welcoming others into our fold. Let’s endure pushback from others by standing side by side with those who are different from us. Let’s work hard at love and putting others first. 

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