Episode 54 – Pause (a recovery episode with Holly Benson)

I know life has been crazy these last few weeks. And uncertain. But the other day, a friend sent me an article she read that really made me pause and think. It’s from Real Simple Magazine and it’s by Holly Robinson. Holly wrote that running has “been the best salve for emotional turmoil.” She said that “being happens during those rare times when we’re fully conscious of our surroundings and feel connected to them. We’re all guilty of too many acts of nonbeing,” but running pauses the world and lets one be “completely in the world.” 

I read those words over and over again. Pausing the world while being completely in it. You know that feeling…when you’re on a run and your senses feel so alive and there is nothing else going on at that moment except simply being…simply feeling, smelling, hearing, seeing, and being. Sometimes on early morning runs, I hear the sound of an armadillo’s claws on the road as we both startle each other. Then I smell the fresh scent of a dryer sheet as I pass a house where someone must be drying a load of clothes. And as the sun begins to rise, I see a rabbit in the wet grass. My senses seem heightened when I run. I feel alive. I feel calm. 

Sure, when I get back home, life is waiting for me again. The good and the bad of it. But at least I can approach it with a clear mind and a sense of gratitude that for the minutes or hours that I ran, I was able to pause the world and bask in simply being.

You all may know another woman named Holly—Holly Benson. She’s been a guest on my podcast before. Holly is a nurse practitioner and she’s currently in New York City for a three-week stint helping out with the medical emergency there. A few days ago, she posted a run on Strava and said that her runs are good for her soul. They are some normalcy in the midst of craziness. 

So today, I decided to catch up with Holly for a few minutes and ask her what she’s doing in New York City and how she’s using running to help her through it. 

I hope you are able to get outside and run or walk or ride a bike while the world pauses for you for a few minutes.

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