Episode 48 – Erica Kirkwood (Olympic Marathon Trials Recap)

Erica Kirkwood was my Episode 43 guest. She qualified for the Olympic Trials when she broke 2 hours and 45 minutes at Grandma’s Marathon last summer.

This past Saturday, Erica, and hundreds of other men and women from across the country, participated in the Olympic team trials for the marathon. Out of the runners who qualified and showed up in Atlanta to run the team trials, only three men and three women could make the team. The three women who made the team are Aliphine Tuliamuk, Molly Seidel, and Sally Kipyego. 

Erica ran hard and tough. She crossed the finish line in under three hours, which is an impressive time in and of itself, but in this case, especially impressive. In this recap, Erica explains how tough the course was, the weather conditions that made running many times more difficult, how many women dropped out of the race, and how amazing it was to be part of such a historical race. As I explained in Episode 43, this is only the tenth time women have been allowed to run the marathon at the Olympics. Prior to the 1984 games, there was no women’s marathon as an Olympic event. The 2020 trials also saw more women qualify than ever before. Teachers, nurses, doctors, moms, and coaches from all over the country pushed themselves and others to be able to show up to that start line in Atlanta. Erica is one of those women: a mom and full-time occupational therapist.

Here is Erica’s Olympic Trials race recap.

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