Episode 47 – Seth & Hannah Thompson (Race for Hope)

Seth and Hannah Thompson live in Lufkin and both ran the 5K at the Race for Hope. They have been married for four years and have a three-year old son. In the short time they have been married, life has put the two of them through the wringer. Since 2017, the couple has heard, “you have cancer” a combined three times. And then last year, after the strangest of accidents, Seth woke up and found himself being life-flighted to a hospital. That wringer, though, has been no match for their strength and determination. Seth and Hannah choose to love their lives, remain positive, enjoy each day, and cling closely to each other and their son. This couple’s grit and outlook on life are inspiring. 

Here is my conversation with them.

Show Notes:

East Texas Cancer Alliance of Hope

Team Thompson

Miracles for Mason

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