Episode 45 – Erin Froehner (Hope for Trisomy)

The 5K has become such a popular race distance. You can find multiple 5Ks year-round all across the country. They’re fun to run. They’re fun to walk. They’re fun as community builders. 

But we rarely know the stories behind them…behind each individual 5K. The reason for the race and what the funds are being used for.

I’ve been trying to get you all to sign up for the Race for Hope for months now. And there’s still time to sign up, by the way. The 5K, half, and full marathon will be held February 22nd in Lufkin and the link to register is in my show notes. But do you know the purpose of the Race for Hope? To raise money for East Texas Cancer Alliance of Hope. A few years ago, Ashley Berry faced a cancer diagnosis. As she went through treatment, her community stepped in and helped her financially. She’s now been cancer free for five years and she formed East Texas Cancer Alliance of Hope to help others in her community who are fighting cancer by providing groceries, or gas money, or school clothes for their kids. She believes in community. 

So does today’s guest, Erin Froehner. When Erin gave birth to her first baby, Addalyn, she found out Addalyn had trisomy 18. It was other parents of children with trisomy who provided her with the skills and knowledge she needed to take care of Addalyn. When Addalyn passed away a few years ago, Erin took over Hope for Trisomy, a non-profit organization that provides support, education, and resources to other families who are loving kids with trisomy. 

And each March, Erin hosts a 5K in Arlington, Texas. The 5K raises funds for Hope for Trisomy, provides a way for her community to meet new people, and educates the runners and walkers about the children the organization has helped. 

Here is my conversation with Erin about Addalyn, Hope for Trisomy, and the 5K.

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