Episode 43 – Erica Kirkwood (Olympic Trials Qualifier)

Community. That’s the word that kept popping into my head when I was talking to Erica Kirkwood. The power of community. The power of encouraging people speaking positivity into a life. A lot of people are strong on their own, but a community can take that strength and turn it into something phenomenal.

Erica is a talented and hardworking runner. She is also a wife, mother of two, and occupational therapist. And she is also an Olympic Trials qualifier, having broken 2:45 at Grandma’s Marathon last year.

In this episode, she tells me about every person who has pushed her and encouraged her and helped her along the way. Her community. That, along with her hard work ethic and personal mantra—“Why not me?”—has helped her get faster and faster. 

I really think you’re going to love this episode. Erica is inspiring and fun to get to know. Cheer her on in a few weeks as she runs in Atlanta with the best of the best in America at the Olympic Marathon Trials.

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