Episode 41 – Holly Benson

One of my favorite things about this podcast is the opportunity to get to know people. I love the conversations I have on this show and being able to meet my guests and listeners, even if it is just over the phone, Skype, or social media. 

Today’s guest is no exception. I have never met Holly in person, but I feel like we are friends. Some time last year, a woman in my church told me, “You should meet my sister-in-law. You would like her. She’s a runner like you.” After that I became social media friends with the sister-in-law, whose name happened to be Holly. 

I have followed Holly’s journey over the last year while she has run race after race after race. I have been impressed by her hard work and dedication to running, while working full time as a nurse practitioner and also wearing wife and mom hats. 

In this episode, we talk about her job, why she started running, training for six marathons in 12 months, and being part of the skirt-girl tribe.

I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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