Episode 31 – Myka Snyder (Student-Athlete Spotlight)

Myka is a high-school senior from Indiana. She plays volleyball and softball. 

When Myka was a young girl, she made the decision on her own to start wearing a skirt to play sports instead of the conventional sports uniforms. 

In this episode, she tells us why she decided to make that decision and how her teammates have always supported her. 

I sent Myka a list of questions for this episode, and one of them was if she ever feels nervous or self-conscious about what she wears. Myka admits that it can be difficult to look different, but she takes it in stride, smiles, and is happy to show the world who she is.

The other questions I sent Myka that she answers in this episode are if she has experienced negativity about her choice to play sports in a skirt, what her favorite sport is and why, if her courage to be different has inspired others, and what piece of advice she would offer to someone who’s afraid to put themselves “out there.” 

So, here is Myka in her own words…

Thanks for opening up to us, Myka, and letting us know how it feels to celebrate the unconventional!

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