Episode 21 – Lisa Silverstein (Pilates in a Pencil Skirt)

Lisa is a Pilates instructor and the owner of her own studio, PURE Pilates. She’s also a registered nurse and mother of four.

I learned so much from Lisa during our conversation, including what Pilates is, why we should squat more, how to take advantage of what Lisa calls “squapportunities,” how to move intuitively, and how we can learn a lot about fitness and wellness from our dogs!

Lisa is also a skirt girl, hence her fun Instagram name—Pilates in a Pencil Skirt. 

This is one of my favorite conversations so far. Lisa is easy to talk to and full of great advice. I’m convinced I need Pilates in my life now. And all you runners out there…I know you’re just as inflexible and tense as I am, so you need Pilates, too! And this episode ends with great news: although Lisa lives too far away for many of us to join her classes in person, she is going to be offering Pilates virtually soon! Stay posted for more information about that when it becomes available. 

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