Episode 9 – Cindy Springs, Juan Acevedo, Keisha Williams, and Leah Brasher

Fun. That’s the word that keeps popping into my head when I think of these four and the time I spent talking to them. They know how to enjoy life…and not just bits and pieces of life, but the big picture of life.

One works at a prison. One is a nurse. One is a beauty salon owner/master stylist. One is a fourth-grade teacher. On the surface, they are the “average Joes” you meet every day…except that there’s nothing average about them. 

All four of these people are ultrarunners. They have completed several extremely long-distance races, including 100 milers.

I invited them over to my house to get to know them and ask them why they decided to start running ultras and what keeps them going. Warning: there’s a lot of talking over each other and laughing in this episode, and that’s because we sat down in my dining room and simply had fun sharing stories. 

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