Episode 7 — Bruce & Tennessee Love

I met Tennessee Love through cycling and running. She also swims…in fact, she’s basically a fish.

Tennessee’s son, Gabriel, is a swimmer as well. Gabriel is a sophomore in high school. He is friendly, likable, a math whiz, and has beautiful blond hair. Gabriel is also autistic. For Autism Acceptance Month, I asked Tennessee if I could meet with her and her husband, Bruce, to talk about their experiences, and Gabriel’s experiences, on the high school swim team.

I learned a lot about Gabriel in this interview, but I learned even more about his parents. They know their son’s gifts and have never doubted his abilities. They’ve worked hard to balance their desire to protect him with their desire to push him and watch him grow as a person.

This is one interview that made me wish we had more than just audio to share with others. Gabriel is beautiful inside and out, but I could honestly see and feel his parents’ love for him and desires for him while talking to them.

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