Episode 1- Oscar Garcia

This interview is with my brother, Oscar Garcia, III.

Oscar is the first person who told me I could run farther than three miles. And he’s the person who convinced me to sign up for my first half marathon…so I feel like I owe him for helping me find my love for long-distance running. And although I know just about everything there is to know about him, I enjoyed interviewing him for this podcast.

Oscar is a senior chief in the Navy. As you can tell from this podcast, he loves his family, the Navy, food, Texas, and putting up with me. He also loves running…even if he has to get a run in an unconventional way…like on a treadmill while a ship bobs up and down in the ocean. 

Oscar is also the one who drew my “In A Skirt” logo. And he drew it for me for free! (Actually, I promised him a Chick Fil A gift card, but I haven’t bought him the gift card yet, so he basically drew it for free.)

Thank you, Oscar, for letting me interview you, and you’ll be happy to know that my husband edited out all my corny jokes making fun of you. 

Here are a few of Oscar’s favorite things: